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Project Sunscreen

This new SPF Roll-On Mineral Sunscreen is perfect for us moms on the go!

Project Sunscreen was founded in 2017 when two moms who have a back ground in public health and education and dermatology wanted to create a better sunscreen for their kids.

Project Sunscreen’s co-founder Rachel Henderson brought the idea for a roll-on sunscreen from her native Australia and New Zealand. When she moved to California with two small children, she couldn’t find any sunscreens they liked to put on. She partnered with dermatologist Dr. Ashley Magovern (who also has small children) to develop a formula that was gentle on skin, but tough against the sun. 

What I loved about it is its 100% mineral active ingredients, including naturally-derived zinc oxide to protect from the sun's UVA/UVB rays and hydrate skin of all ages!

Our kids hate to put on sunscreen and this roll on saves the day!

Now lets talk about ingredients!! This is the part that I love!

Reef & ocean friendly!

Its fragrant free, dye free, gluten free AND non-GMO!!!

NO Parabéns

NO Oxybenzone

NO Octinoxate


Project Sunscreen’s formula rolls on white and rubs in clear, doesn’t leave any sticky residue on hands or clothes, or scent that will put children off. Our bottle comes with a cap topper can attach to a backpack, purse, or keychain so it can go with you everywhere. The back of our bottles has a space where a name can be written, so children know which one is theirs. We have one great formula packaged in different bottles for babies, kids, teens or adults.

It has a cap topper that can hang from your purse or beach bag!

You can find these amazing products on Amazon! Click here to purchase!

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