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Blurry vision? Spending too much time looking at your computer screen? I have a suggestion!

If you work in front of a computer all day you might have noticed your eye sight getting a bit blurry? Most people have trouble sleeping and complain of headaches after staring at digital screen 8-10 hours a day.

I was to have been introduced to Umizato Blue Light Blocking Glasses a few weeks ago and they have been game changer for me.

They make these glasses from innovative, durable and beautifully handcrafted materials. All of their glasses have clear lens technology with low color distortion. This lens technology blocks harmful blue light coming from digital devices.

The lenses will filter out 30% of the artificial blue light and 100% of the harmful UV wavelengths coming from digital screens. As a result, it helps you sleep better, rid headaches and of course look great!!

The products are mindfully designed for the living with intention and want to feel more comfortable and confident while staring at the digital screen all day!

Take a look at the website, they have so many different looks to pick from.

Use code Natalie10 for 10% OFF your purchase!

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