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Why I use K Nutri Products?

Have you ever purchased a product and not like it and put it away on a shelf and forget about it? You also forgot about spending the $30/40 you spent on it too. Well, I have done this not once BUT maybe 5 times with different products. That was a lot on my wallet thats for sure!

Thankfully a friend send me over some samples of K Nutri to try and I was so happy that she did because I finally found products that I love! The grass fed collagen is not gritty at all which I love! I hate that gritty feeling in my mouth and teeth, it freaks me out! Lets not forget their collagen is grass fed and are from bovine collagen type I & III, which promotes quick and easy digestion and absorption. The 18 Amino Acids in the collagen can also support strong tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Im also a busy mom on the run and usually Im out for hours at a time so I use the their flavored creamers and they keep me full and moving along with my day! It's powder is made with Grass-Fed Butter and MCT Oil offering a delicious gluten-free, non-GMO and naturally flavored. You can feel good knowing there’s no added sugar, making it keto and paleo friendly! They have two flavors French Vanilla & Hazelnut!

I also love the flavored BCAA's, these are perfect for muscle recovery, supports exercise and energy levels. It has collagen in it so of course it helps improve hair, skin and nails. Supports electrolyte balance and hydration! Now lets touch on all the yummy flavors! They have Pineapple Mango

Raspberry Lemonade


I love to use the Raspberry Lemonade! So good!!

What are Essential Greens? Its daily SUPERFOODS!!!

Its a combination of whole organic fruit, veggie and herbal ingredients designed to boost your health across the board! It has 24 selectively sourced whole foods and no sugar added, this naturally-flavored berry superfood shake aids your everyday health on your terms!

They also carry Fitness Bundles & Keto Bundles!

The Fitness Bundles includes a BCAA flavor of your choice and a shaker bottle color of choice as well all for $45.00!

The Keto Bundle includes Collagen, Multivitamin Pack and Adrenal Strength for $75.00!

Click HERE to purchase any bundles or single products! Remember to use my code natalie10 for 10% OFF at check out!

***Im NOT a doctor this is based on my opinions only. If you have any questions about the products please email me HERE I would be happy to help***



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