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Portugal, Costa Nova

Costa Nova, Portugal was simply beautiful. In the middle of Portuguese nowhere Praia da Barra and Costa Nova is a perfect place to go and vacation. The beaches are gorgeous.

The name Costa Nova do Padro (New Shore of the Meadow) first appeared in the early 19th century when the fishing town of Costa Nova was founded. The name “Costa Nova” was introduced when the Averio Lagoon barra was opened in 1808, in order to separate it from the “old shore” which was located at Sao Jacinot beach and was used by fishermen until then. As for “do Prado” (of the Meadow), it simply indicates the fact that there is an extensive green meadow next to the beach.

Costa Nova is mostly famous for its colorful striped houses, squashed onto a tiny strip of land between the beach and the lagoon and fresh seafood.

We stayed in the red house you see in the picture above. You can rent these on Air BNB and it wasn't expensive at all. We paid $120 for the night. You can't miss any of these rentals the entire town looks like this. Be picky though and check out all your options!

Lets not forget the fresh seafood, every few feet we had a fresh market with all the fresh catch of the day.

We got to see the Costa Nova Light House

The Beautiful Beach & Walking Bridge

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