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Aveiro, Portugal

We started off by checking into our Air BNB in the city of Aveiro which was so cute and a 3 floor walk up! Then we started off on our journey!

Heres our first stop, come see where salt is made for the country of Portugal!

Let's ride in a Gondola and check it out!

We went under the bridge of locks just like the one in Paris

See that guy with the hat and sunglasses? Thats my dad!

Long day of riding Gondolas and trying salt! LOL

After we were done we stopped to pick up a tasty treat, they have these everywhere BTW..a dessert you must try while here its called the sweet egg.

Doing all this walking made us hungry us pretty hungry so we visited a local restaurant called the "Pateira" it was located on the water.

Roasted Pork

Grilled Prawns

Our two days in Aveiro has come to an end! See you next year!

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