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Perfect Summer Drink - For your skin!!!

You may have been expecting an alcoholic beverage, sorry to disappoint but I promise all this information I’m about to give you is going to be game changer!

What drink is insanely inexpensive to make, keeps skin glowing, aids in digestion, can help you lose weight and is packed with Vitamin C?

Sweet Sour and full of POWER!!! LEMONS!!!

Do you know what a single lemon can do for your body? They are a golden nugget into getting your body happy and healthy! Not only is it a crazy amazing superfood, but it also contains major antioxidants which are great for your skin. I personally have lemon water every day all day long to help my body alkaline and to help my skin feel and look amazing!

I was introduced to the benefits of lemons as a young girl. If my mother wasn’t squeezing lemon juice on everything she cooked, she was using them as remedies to make us better if we were sick. As you can see my mom’s influences stuck with me, and here are just a few picture of my dishes.

Here are just a few benefits of Lemon Water:

  1. Aids in digestion & detoxification

  2. Bumps up the Vitamin C quotient

  3. rejuvenates skin & body healing

  4. Helps shed pounds

  5. Boosts energy and mood

Did you know that Lemons are a great vitamin C food source? One cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187% of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C?

Take that, Oranges!!! Lemon juice also offers up a healthy serving of potassium & magnesium! It’s 61 calories and has 3 grams of protein! I can go on and on about all the benefits of it but I think you got the idea!

I can go on and on about all its benefits but I think y’all get the idea! Drink you lemon water!! Don’t leave home without it!


8 ounce glass



1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

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