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Normal Skin

Normal skin has perfect hydration, muscle tone, and resilience produced ny moisture and the adipose tissues. There is strong bio-logical activity path the Basel layer, blood circulation is active , and the metabolism is balanced. Normal skin looks soft, moist, plump, and dewy, and has a healthy glow and color. The corneum layer dhows a fine texture and there are no visible wrinkles, fine lines, or open pores.

The best example of normal skin is that of children, from birth usually until puberty. Oil glands functioning at a normal rate of secretion are also seen in mature individuals who once had oily skin. With age the rate of oil gland secretion slows down and becomes normal. However, the normal skin found in this second case varies from the normal skin of youth insofar as there is no strong biological activity at the basal layer and in most cases suppleness ad color have deteriorated.

Aging due to the passage of time, sun exposure and other external elements such as harsh climate, dehydration, and poor care is the primary factor that causes the deterioration of normal skin. Othe factors include insufficient water intake and an inadequate diet. Tea, coffee and sodas do not make up for water because the body processes them differently. Food devoid of vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids does not provide the cells with the nourishment necessary for cellular reproduction and growth. Improper skin care such as lack of cleansing is quite prevalent in children and teenagers due to lack of skin care awareness. The use of harsh soaps and scrubs, climate and environment contribute to the deterioration of normal skin. Sun exposure and exposure to the elements without protection dries, dehydrates and ages the skin.

Normal skin requires proper morning and evening cleansing and protection from oxidation caused by free radicals. The consistency use of protective moisturizers during the day to prevent moisture loss and hydrating creams at night is essential. It is also important that these moisturizers contain antioxidants such as Vitamin E & C, idebenone, coenzyme Q10. An occasional exfoliation is also beneficial. Sun protection is extremely important, even with children. SPF protection is the key to damage prevention.

Do you have normal skin? or do you not know?

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