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Tostones Frito "read recipe for a low carb option"

Being married to a Cuban leaves me open for having too cook things like this "Tostones" from time to time. The kids love it but its so high in carbs for me!

I was introduced to a low carb option last year and its perfect, its called Toston de Panna, its made from fruit bread. I have attached a picture for you to see what it looks like.

They used to sell it at my local grocery store but not anymore. It would be located in the freezer section where they have all the Goya stuff. Here is a picture of it. They are already pressed so all you have to do is fry it in your favorite oil, I use coconut oil to fry mine.

So here is how I make Tostones for my family.


4 plantains, make sure they are green not yellow

Sea salt

1 to 2 cups of coconut oil

Plantain press or you can use the bottom of a coffee cup

parchment paper if using a coffee cup


You start by peeling the plantains, you can make a vertical cut through the skin and peel it back with your hands.

Cut the plantains into 1 1/2 inch thick pieces.

Heat the coconut oil in a heavy bottomed pan.

Fry the plantains in batches, you're going to want to cook them on all sides for about 1/2 minutes per side or until they are golden brown, remove from oil and set them on a plate lined with paper towels to absorb some of the oil.

Put one plantain at a time in the plantain press and press hard (remember you can also use the bottom of a coffee cup as well), then set aside. If it's hard to remove them from the press use a butter knife to lift the edge. If you are using the bottom of a coffee cup put a piece of parchment paper down on your counter or a cutting board and press down on them there so they don't stick when you're trying to pick them up.

Return them to the frying pan and fry for an additional 3/4 minutes or until golden brown and crunchy!

Transfer back to the lined plate to remove the access oil.

Sprinkle with sea salt and serve hot.

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