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Creating a Wreath on a budget!

Wreaths are so expensive these days! So I decided to create my own. Let me show you how you can do the same!

The Dollar store is a perfect place to hit up first! You can get so many cute things there. You can also head to Hobby Lobby right now they are doing 80% off on all the their Christmas decor.

Here is what I used:

Plain Wreath with cones or any other plain wreath you find. A green wreath would look great too! - Hobby Lobby $15 - It was 50% OFF

Holiday Sparkle Poinsettia - $3 - It was 50% OFF

Greens - $1.50 - I purchased 3 - 50% OGG

Silver Pearls - $1.50 - I purchased 3 - 50% OFF

Cranberries - $1.00 - I purchased 3 - 50% OFF

You will need these bottles below if you don't find a wreath with snow and glitter already on it.

Snow - $1.00 - 1 bottle - Dollar Store

Glitter - $1.00 - 1 bottle - Dollar Store

You will start by laying down an old towel or sheet, I suggest doing this part outside because of fumes. Lay your wreath down your wreath and lightly spray with the snow throughout. Let dry for 5/10 minutes and then add another layer. Let dry for about 15 minutes. Now spray your wreath with the glitter, go lightly the glitter usually sprays out fast and thick. Now that your wreath is sprayed to your liking you will let it dry for at least 4/5 hours. You want to make sure it's completely dry before you start adding you're decor.

You will start by laying out all your supplies that are going onto to wreath focusing on how you want them to go. I alternated all of my decor so it was all even. You will also pull apart your decor as per video below.

Now its time to attach your pieces! I would start by attaching your poinsettia because its the biggest flower and your center piece. I put mine on one side but you can put yours wherever you want. You will notice that they stems are a light metal so thats its easy to tie into your wreath, you don't want to attach it to the stem of the wreath but the base of the wreath. If you attach it to the stem it might fall off.

When your done adding all your decor you can give it a light spray of glitter but if not thats ok too.

Your all done and ready to hang your wreath!

If you make your own wreath and post it on Instagram please tag me, I would love to see it and share it!! If you don't have social media send your pictures HERE.

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