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Charcuterie Board under $25

Some may think that charcuterie boards are expensive to make with all those cured meats and cheeses but if you have an Aldi and a Dollar Store near you than your good to go! We can make a board on the cheap that looks amazing and even better its delicious and all your guests will be raving about it!

First up your ingredients (You can get some of these at the Dollar Store):

Cured Meats - I buy the one from Aldi that's 3 different meats in one pack for $3.99

Cheese cubs - 2 bags at $3.00 - they are $1.50 each

Raspberries - 1 container for $2.00

Blackberries - 1 container for $2.00

Nuts - 1 container for $1.50

Crackers - assorted box - $2.99

1 Cucumbers - $.88

1 Red Pepper - $1.50

Green olives - $1.00

Radishes - $1.50

Celery - $2.00

1 Pomegranite - $1.00

Dry fruit - I used prunes - $1.50 bag

1 Dark Chocolate Bar - $1.00

I bought all of mine at Aldi except for a few things I picked up from the dollar store because why not?

Dollar Store finds (all $1.00)


Assorted Crackers

Green Olives

Dry fruit

Dark Chocolate

Parchment Paper - if needed

First I start by peeling my cucumbers and cutting them long ways into spears.

Next up is my pepper, cut it in half removing all the seeds from the inside and slicing into spears.

Celery is up next, cut them pretty much down the middle and in half.

Radishes, cut off both ends and slice thin.

Once all your veggies are done put them all on a plate and set aside.

Now for the board I used a big flat basket that I had on hand but you can use a plain old cutting board and if its old just cut some parchment paper and layer in down on the cutting board first before assembling. You can also pick up parchment paper from the dollar store.

Now you can start laying down your veggies in piles across your board.

Let's get those berries on the board as well, spread them out maybe into 2 or 3 piles.

You can than start on your cubed cheeses stacking them next to your veggies & berries.

Now for the meats! They are sliced in round circles so what I do is I fold the meat circle in half than in half again. It will look like a triangle. Start laying each one up right on your board next to one of your veggies. It will try to unfold but just stack them so they stay in place.

I used little bows for the nuts, olives and fruit and put them on the board but if you don't have little bowls just put them in piles like you did everything else.

Find a place for a pile of that dark chocolate!!

Now you can put in assorted crackers where you have empty space.

Its that easy! I have a full picture to give you a better idea for placement if your confused in any way.



Tag me in your posts I would love to see your boards! Click here to follow me on the Gram!

I start by paying down my parchment paper.

I cut my pomegranate into 4 pieces and put each piece on each side of the board.

Than I start putting down the fruit in little piles throughout the board. I try to make it as colorful as possible, so I do the raspberries on one side and the blackberries on another side.

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1 Comment

Stephanie Layne
Stephanie Layne
Dec 08, 2020

Charcuterie boards are my go to for all events. It's so simple and everyone always loves them! Your's is beautiful!

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