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Holiday Lip Scrubs - 4 ounces


This gentle lip scrub is unlike no other, it leaves your lips hydrated, smooth, and alive!


We use organic oil blends and a mixture of organic essential oils. 


There is also fresh organic dried fruits or herbs in all of my scrubs for example organic goji berries, organic coconut, organic papaya & organic figs. I do not dry all my fruit & herbs, some I get locally from farmers here in lake county, Florida.


Product Scents:

Maple Spice


Candy Cane

Cinnamon Bun

Sugar Cookie

Cranberry Citrus


Product Ingredients:

Organic Sugar 

Organic Coconut Oil 

Organic Jojoba Oil 

Organic Vitamin E 

Organic Essential Oils




You will start by wetting your lips. Once done, use your scooper to scoop up your scrub and apply your scrub using your fingertips, you can also use the wand that came with the scrub. Your going to go in a back and forth motion throughout your lips.


Rinse the scrub with warm or like it off!


You can use the scrub every day because its made with all natural ingredients but I use it every other day because of my sensitive skin. 

Holiday Lip Scrubs

  • 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients sourced from the finest curators around the country.


    Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, & Alcohol Free!


    Eash item is hand made in small batches to ensure you receive the best quality products.


    We do our best to make sure our items support as many small businesses as possible. This may mean we spend more on good quality supplies but it also means we are supporting someone elses dream. 

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