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***Custom Candles*** Any CUSTOM Valentine Day Candle orders placed after on or after 2/9/23 will not arrive in time for Valentine's Day. You can still place your order but it will take 5/7 business days to arrive.


Each candle is hand poured with a cotton or wood wick.


My products are environmentally friendly - AND I don't use Mod Podge in any of these candles.


Size choices: 10, 12 or 14 ounce candles available

Burn time: 30, 35 & 40+ hours

Glass Containers


Fragrance choices: Fruity, Fresh, Musky or baked goods - we can also discuss a perticular fragrance if needed.


Lets get creating! Once you make your purchase please send me a detailed message here in the shop with your order number. Let me know your ideas for this candle, colors, glitter color or sprinkle color, no glitter, things that the person you are gifting this candle to loves, maybe music or cosmetics. I can bring anything to life so be as specific as you can!


Also if there is a perticular scent your looking for make sure to add that as well. I have over 25 scents in stock.


Here is the email again - please contact me once your purchase is made. 


Some of my candles may contain dried flowers, herbs or decorative items that can catch fire. I ask that you please remove them before burning your candle.

The sprinkles on the cylinder are fine to burn, they are baking grade. 


Each candle will come with a burning card and will also contain all this information and of course how to care for your candle.



**Please read Fire Hazard Information below**

Custom Valentine Candle Order

  • 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients sourced from the finest curators around the country.

    Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free and Vegan!

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