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***Candle Making Kit*** subscribe and save 10% OFF - cancel at any time!


The class will be on Saturday, January 14th at 4:30pm EST/ 1:30pm PST - Via LIVE on my Love Me In Bloom Facebook page.


Please make sure you order your kit no later than January 4th so that it arrives before the scheduled class. 


The theme for this class is Hot Chocolate/Cocoa!!!

This one will be a like your in a bake shop with these scents below!


In this class participants will learn how to make one candle. I will walk you through the candle making process including how to melt your wax, blend the fragrance oils, prepare your jars and pour your candle wax.


Additional Instructions will be emailed once you purchase your kit.


Each Kit will include: 

1 - 10 ounce Vessel/Jar - this will change each month


Cotton Wicks

Wick Stickers

Wick Holders

Stirring Sticks

Fragrance Oil - you will have a few choices to pick from below - these will also change every month.

Eco Friendly Glitter & Crystals

Decorative piece 

Safety Label

Candle Label

Candle Stand

Instruction Sheet

Virtual Class


These materials are environmentally friendly, Phthalate Free - Toxin Free - Paraben Free - Gluten Free and all components are made in the USA!


Scents to pick from:

*Apple Maple Bourban - apple, orange, cinnamon, bourbon, coconut, butter, vanilla & maple.

*Blueberry Cheesecake - blueberry, raisin, graham cracker, spice, cream, sugar & vanilla

*Caramel Pralines - carmalized sugar, sea salt, butter, praline, pecan, brown sugar, hazelnut, vanilla & tonka bean.

*Creme Brulee - coconut, caramel, rum, custard, bemzion, vanilla & maple.

*Red Plum Muffins - walnuts, honey, plum, orange, vanilla & cinnamon.

*Blood Orange



Required for class:

Stove top preffered but you can use a microwave

Microwave safe measuring cup for microwave use OR a stainless steel pot for wax and a seperate pot for water (double boiler).

Hand Mits 




Ability to log on to Facebook for the live



**Please read Fire Hazard Information below**

Candle Making Kit - January

Price Options
One-time purchase
Candle Subscription
10% OFF
$35.99every month until canceled
  • 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients sourced from the finest curators around the country.


    Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free and Vegan!


    Eash item is hand made in small batches to ensure you recieve the best quality products.


    We do our best to make sure our items support as many small businesses as possible. This may mean we spend more on good quality supplies but it also means we are supporting someone elses dream. 

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