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***The"Beloved"Reed Diffuser*** 


This Reed Diffuser is Gluten-Free, Lead-Free, & Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free & made with 100% Pure Essential Oils!!


The diffuser sticks are made with high quality fiber which doesnt allow any mold to build on the sticks. They also have great absorption and last 3/4 months.

Size: 6 ounces

Reed Rose Gold Diffuser container with screw top

6 Black Diffuser Sticks 




Dream: Lavender, Orange, Peach & Cedar (my favorite) 

Heaven: Coconut, Lime Blosssom, Toasted Coconut & Creamy Vanilla 

Midnight: Ozone, Lemon, White Tea, Linen, Lily of the Valley 



Directions for use:

1. Place your Reed Diffuser on a flat surface

2. Unscrew the top 
3. Add your sticks to the Reed Diffuser - You can flip the sticks occasionally to intensify the fragrance. 

5. Be attentive and keep your diffuser away from children and pets.



Please pick your scent below!

The "Beloved" Reed Diffuser

  • 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients sourced from the finest curators around the country.


    Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free and Vegan!


    Eash item is hand made in small batches to ensure you recieve the best quality products.


    We do our best to make sure our items support as many small businesses as possible. This may mean we spend more on good quality supplies but it also means we are supporting someone elses dream. 

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