***If your wanting your purchase for Christmas please order no later than December 16th***


**Women's Holiday Perfume*** - 1.2 ounces 


Your choices of scents below, please make sure to pick your scent.


Winter Cashmere:

This smell is a combination of plum, cotton, black spruce with the scents of vanilla.


Winter Angel:

This smell is a combination of passion fruit, neroli, citrus bliss & lavender.


Winter Nights:

This smell is a combination of jasmine, grapefruit, ylang ylang & Bergamot.

These perfumes have fine glitter added to the mix for a little luster shine. If you would like no glitter please let me know below in your options.


These perfumes are alcohol free, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free.


They are made with pure oil compounds and absolutely no artificial fragrance oils! I also use a combination of 100% organic essential oils to make up each scent in these perfumes.


I started working on these scented perfumes weeks before they go on sale because the oils need to marry. Read a little more on why below.


In the process of perfume making I learned that there are three main categories for aroma notes: top, middle "also known as the heart" and base. Its also called the Olfactory Pyramid.


The top notes are at the top, lasting only about 10-15 minutes and they are the first impression of a perfume. 


The middle notes are referred to as aromas and they last approximately 25-60 minutes. Middle notes will make their presence known as the top note fades.


Base notes can last up to 6 hours. These notes linger the longest on the skin after the other notes have faded.


Best was to describe perfume is it's made up of singular notes that harmonize together to create an aromatic symphony! 


If you have any questions or allergies to scents remember you can always send me an email and we can create a special scent just for you! 


My daughter struggled with perfumes. She has very sensitive skin and when she uses alcohol based perfumes she breaks out. I noticed on my own skin when I use perfume often I break out with little red dots. We love to smell good so I had to come up with something that could help. She has been using all three summer scents and now these new fall scents every day to school and nothing! No break out no hives just clear beautiful skin!


***You also have a choice to mail your gift set directly to your loved one with a special card in the drop down box below***

Women's Holiday Perfume