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Why I - YOGA

I have heard a lot of different things about Yoga these past several weeks some positive and some negative.

One of the biggest things I keep hearing is "how it's not a real workout" well I hate to say it my friends but your WRONG! When I step away from that mat after 20/25 minutes Im dead, Im sweaty, Im red, Im out of breath sometimes. It's a real work out for me and so many others for that matter.

Another thing I hear all the time is they can do the moves or that they cant do the moves correctly so they give up, listen guys if you can breathe you can do yoga! It's the actually breathing NOT doing the pose correctly that counts.

I tell my friends all the time to do what you can, never go past your limit and that's with anything you do. Pay no attention to what others are doing either, go at your own pace. This is not a race.

One thing I did learn along the way is that we have a nerve called the vagus nerve, the most important nerve in our bodies. The vagus nerve plays a central role in our emotional and physical health. The vagus nerve extends from the brainstem down into your stomach and intestines, enervating your heart and lungs, and connecting your throat and facial muscles. Therefore, any yoga practices that stimulate these areas of the body can have a profound influence on the tone of the vagus nerve.

My doctor informed me that 95% of illnesses are caused by undigested stress. These emotional knots and toxins, just like physical knots they are uncomfortable and health destroying.

The good news is that yoga and meditation are available to all!! So many youtube videos to watch out there. I think the biggest misconception is that yoga is for fit females only and thats the furthest from the truth!

I have attached some yoga and mediation videos that I just love, give it a try!

Here's a good beginners video for yoga - click here

Here's a good meditation video - click here

**please note these are my own personal experiences, I am NOT a doctor. Always consult with your healthcare physicians before beginning any type of exercise**

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