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My Keto Journey Part I

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

My Keto Journey Part I

So I know that many of you are either thinking of jumping on board this ketogenic lifestyle or you’re already knee-deep into your transformation. What you’re about to read is my personal keto story and what it’s done for me personally. This blog post came from a lot of you requesting it and I really hope you enjoy learning about my journey!

First thing, keto is easy if you understand that it’s going to take some effort. You have to do your own research and you have to listen to your body. You have to understand that you have to eat dishes that you like, not what someone else likes.  Stay true to what your goals are and what you enjoy eating. I say this because in the beginning I always caught myself comparing myself to others and what’s worse, eating how they were eating, big mistake! Make and eat keto friendly dishes that appeal to your likes and cravings. I have been living a ketogenic lifestyle with my family since August 2017. It all started when we got back from our family vacation. I looked in my mirror and realized that I was at my heaviest that I’ve ever been, except for the times that I was pregnant. I wasn’t going to let this go another minute. So the fight began! Me against preservatives, carbs & sugar!

I get tons of questions, what do you eat? What is a macro? What kind of coffee do you drink? I eat what my body likes naturally, that’s why this lifestyle works so well for me. I love dairy!! For example, I eat a lot of different cheeses and eggs with butter. I haven’t really had to give up much because lucky for me I never had a real sweet tooth. I was more of a chips and dip kinda girl. So now I make myself cheese chips which I will be posting a recipe for soon. They are super easy to make and store!

However on date nights, birthdays, anniversaries & holidays I do have a cheat meal or even a desert at times. I learned a trick in this keto game. If I do that than the very next day I drink my bullet proof coffee (which I will talk about later) and that’s it! I fast the entire day until about 3pm. Why do I do this you ask? So that my body can burn up all that sugar and carbs for energy that I ate the night before. You learn tricks from amazing people along the way! I’m definitely not a food nazi nor am I the keto police, I’m never going to tell anyone what to put in their own mouth, but I will give you tips on how to keep moving forward if you happen to take a few steps backwards. What’s easy is making up excuses for feeding your body things that we call food but isn’t really good for you.

Now my questions is what did you eat before keto or what do you currently eat? Do you eat Pizza? Then Fathead Pizza is going to be your go to! Chicken Wings? SO EASY! Fry them up naked in either avocado oil or olive oil and toss them in your favorite hot sauce! Try to make what your used to eating but turn it into a keto meal. The best thing to know is you can turn pretty much any meal into a keto meal but you have to get out there and make it! You’ve got this, don’t stress yourself out about it. If you fall off the wagon you jump back on. If you only remember one thing, remember that your one day closer than you were yesterday!

I’m not going to share my entire journey in one post but this is the start!

I also can’t go without my bullet proof coffee, This is the way I make mine but everyone does it different. You can test out a few different recipes and see which one works best for you or experiment and make your own.

  1. 8 ounces of Black Coffee

  2. 1 or 2 Tablespoons of HWC (heavy whipping cream)

  3. 1 tablespoon of grass fed butter unsalted (I use kerrygold)

  4. 1 tablespoon of Perfect Keto MCT Oil

  5. 1 pinch of organic cinnamon

I add all of the ingredients into my blender for a few minutes on high until its nice and frothy and then pour it into my cup! I also want to let you new comers know that 1 tablespoon of MCT oil might be a lot for your tummy to start so you can do 1/2 a tablespoon for a few weeks and then move up to 1 tablespoon and then you could even go up to 2 tablespoons but I wouldn’t do more than 2 tablespoons.

I feel better than I have in so many years about myself and my body. I am no longer exhausted, sluggish, angry, anxious, or unhappy about anything I put on my body (clothes). Certain clothes that I put away years ago fits perfectly and even if they are no longer in style they make me feel so good that I’m rocking them anyway and making them look great!! I will be posting more about my journey in the weeks to come. I didn’t want to bombard you with it all at once because I have so much to share!!!



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