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More Fiber for less Inflammation

That's right you read that correctly...

I have learned so much about so many different things these past several weeks.

My dad has been very ill and declining every day and in these past several weeks I have learned so much about supplements, fiber, cancer and everything in between to make my dad comfortable and try to get him as healthy as possible through nutrition for a longer life span.

When it comes to fighting inflammation, nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A & C need to make room for someone new. Dietary fiber is a crucial component for chronic disease prevention and overall wellness.

Inflammation signals the body's immune system to repair damaged tissue or fighting invading viruses and bacteria. If inflammation becomes chronic, it can contribute to a variety of illnesses like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stoke, depression and autoimmune disorders.

So upping your fiber consumption helps combat inflammation by modifying the PH and the permeability of the gut. Fiber supports good bowel function, gut health and immunity. It helps control blood sugar, blood pressure and your lipid level.

We learned that to maximize your ability to lower inflammation you need to consume at least five servings daily of fruits and veggies and don't forget cutting out excess sugars and carbs and of course reducing body fat.

We were told to up our intake of special plant fibers called probiotics that will help improve digestion and reduce inflammation. We were also told to not depend on a fiber supplement to work as well as a diet of fiber rich foods.

Good sources of these for example are:

green veggies

whole grains







chicory root

***these are just some of the things I have learned on my dad's cancer journey, Im not a doctor or a medical professional***

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